Shades of Plums and Red Wine, but It's All About the Eyebrows by emma graef

Imagine it's finally being a warm spring day on March after the cold and dark winter. You start to get excited of all the white and vanilla colored clothes, flower prints and you get to read your favorite book outside in the parc and get some healthy glow on your skin... And BAM! The fashion weeks are here and they show you clothes you want to wear nextautumn.There they are again, whiter that white skin tone and richer, darker colored hair. They always look tempting, but I do not give myself a permission going to the dark side on April..

That is why I am tempted to talk about fall 2012 collections, even in the middle of spring 2013 fashion weeks.

Don't get me wrong. I love autumn. You automatically start making things better in your life and maybe try that hobby you always wanted to. (Hot yoga!) I find on autumn and winter collections the designers more creative and the spirit of the house stronger. Even fashion houses feel to start something completely new for autumn. And now finally it's here! August is the time for me to start getting really excited of collections and looks for the fall. I commence to miss jackets and hats. Velvet, leather, lace, socks and hats enchant me more on autumn collections than in light summer fashion. Maybe it's the clothe's rich colors and thoughts of curling up to blankets and drinking chai tea with a new book, wearinganythingthat comes in that red wine shade..

Since I saw The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and Pat McGrath's awesome and delicious version of goth-style makeup, my fingers were searching hungrily signs of designer's Rooney Mara crush. Bleached eyebrows hitting hard, super short bangs? Yep Versace, thank you. Uh and that peachy-gold eyeshadow that balanced perfectly with it's softness otherwise in quite hard look. And so it happened like predicted, I am absolutely in love what seems to be the biggest trend in makeup for this fall 2012. I'm back where I started as a 5-year-old wanting to look like Wednesday from Addams Family.

McGrath continued her gothic way through the whole fall 2012 collections. The models looked like piece of art.

<img alt="" src="" />

Gucci fall RTW2012

You might not think like this at first, but bleached eyebrows can be very flattering. I find them giving more feminine touch to the face, as again strong, thick eyebrows gives nice Tomgirl mood to the look. So how to make bleached brows look gorgeous on you? First I thought the answer going hand by hand with a light tan and blond or reddish hair. Na-aah, as we can see above, McGrath proved my thoughts wrong. Because of "the lack" of eyebrows, draw the missing line on someplace else on your eye-area. Try strong line of doll-like eyelashes or using only one eyeshadow on whole eye lids (like above), making it as strong smokey eyes you want (the more rock your look is),or maybe strong eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid. But strong eyeliner with bleached eyebrows screams 90's to me and not in a good way.

Also with bleached eyebrows, sculpting the face with a matt bronzer comes more important.

Yeah yeah, today I want bleached eyebrows, but tomorrow full dark ones. If your eyebrows aren't super dark, cheat the blond eyebrows with a use of clean mascara brush that is lightly filled with some concealer. Brush the light colored concealer to your eyebrows, but very carefully. You want it only to the hair, not on the skin.

<img alt="" src="" />

Versace fall RTW 2012

As in whole, the key with the gothic makeup is the perfect pale skin. Finding the perfect foundation that does perfect amount of covering, suits yor skintype and color AND includes supporting SPF, can be as easy as finding a perfect boyfriend. Consider yourself lucky if you have both, their combination will help you with the rest, getting your dream job and house.

If you are a fan of strong, thick eyebrows, modernise the look with forgetting the mascara. Just curl your lashes open and finish with a mascara gel.


Back to the Factory by emma graef

Since I saw Sienna Miller starring movie The Factory, I've been enchanted by Edie Sedgwick and her short life and hair. This "Twiggy Gone Bad's" hair style gives me at least once a year obsessive thoughts of cutting my hair short and blond, find my own Factory and do movies where I would eat spaghetti for one hour and half. And look really cool while doing it.

So I let a tiny squeek out of my mouth when I saw Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear. The show was opened by Ruby Jean Wilson and instantly I want to wear that long t-shirt with teeny tiny shorts. And again, cut my hair. So effortless and simple, like Tim Blanks also thought on -report. I loved the stripes on clothes that gives you thoughts of ice-cream and circus.

But to the most important,the makeup.60 's has been on catwalks for many seasons, but this particularly freshen-up to the look I found interesting. When looking at Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 RTW makeup look, I found it cool and different because of the sad eyes and "Housewife from 50's gone bad" vibes. The same sad eyes-making eyeshadow has followed to the next decade, genius! So notice down-warding strong eyeshadows in the outside corner of the eye.

And the strong, even thickness eyebrows! If you are looking for a sad-eyed-doll -look with a help of Marc Jacobs eyeshadow using, do it like on this look and balance it well with the eyebrows that don't continue too low. The eyebrows are the thing my eyes always searches first on catwalk makeup. Are they bleeched or are they really strong and a bit retro? Me, I love both looks. It's like deciding which one is fairiest of them all, Lara Stone or Cara Delevingne. Jacobs thinks we won't forget our eyebrows on spring, but yeah we might this fall, right..