Makeup Products in Test by emma graef

Lumous Makeup has landed in USA! Now when settled on this side of the world, I'm excited to give a lot of attention to this makeup blog. 

My first purchase after landing to Newark airport was Urban Decay's Naked 2- eyeshadow palette, which is in every makeup artist's kit for creating the best nude eyes. I am also hunting the best foundation out there. Many makeup artist swears after Makeup Forever's Face and Body, but before carrying those jars in the counter of Sephora, I'm gonna do some research. Today's foundation is Bare Minerals Bare Skin Pure Brightening Serum Broad Spectrum spf 20 Foundation, (now that's a name) which I was curious about because of the word "serum" in it, which means promises of skin care. Also a product without a SPF on my fair skin would be an absolutely no-no. Third product in test is Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension mascara. Let's talk about the results with a help of pictures.

Urban Decay NAKED -palette. I used  Foxy  for priming with the foundation,  Half Baked  in the outer corners of the eyes blending with  Suspect  that I brushed from lash line to mid lid and finally  Snake Bite  on lower lash line. 

Urban Decay NAKED -palette. I used Foxy for priming with the foundation, Half Baked in the outer corners of the eyes blending with Suspect that I brushed from lash line to mid lid and finally Snake Bite on lower lash line. 

The result against mid-day sunlight coming out of the window, without any photo editing. 

My skin used to be until lately dry and sensitive, but now is in a state of much spots on the T-zone. I'm from Finland which usually means that the skin type is thin, which comes out as uneven skin tone and sensitivity. My wings of the nose are red and circles around my eyes nearly dark blue even after a good night sleep. A month ago I changed from rich face creams into oil-free face cream from Neutrogena. This new skin-problem combined with freckles can be problematic , because you don't wanna cover the freckles, but you want enough cover to hide all the skin-tone differences and impurities. Bare Minerals foundation is aboslutely superbe! I tapped and spread it in place with Shiseido's round foundation brush (highly recommended) and it glided on my skin effortlessly creating quickly pretty beautiful and glowing result, don't you think? On spots, dark circles of the eyes and around nose I used concealer. I wouldn't buy this product though for every client use, because I feel mineral foundation is not a solution for a dry skin type.

On most makeup stores or counters you can first ask a sample right for your skin to to try at home! 





The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette also worked just perfectly, as I predicted as a previous owner of Naked 1 -palette. The colors blend all well together and have enough pigment. Colors are glowing and doesn't give an impression of powder eyeshadow. Simply, this product should be in everyone's makeup bag. If you're a fan of more dramatic look, the black eyeshadow in the palette is the answer. Mine eyeliner in the picture was MAC's Fluidline shade Blactrack.

But if all products would work as promised, I wouldn't have any reason to write about. I had a lot of expectations for Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension mascara, but it ended up disapointing me. And it's not the most affordable product out there! I expected separated, long lashes, but the result was cakey and it didn't spread evenly on lashes. Even lash comb couldn't save the look. 

But. This is what I always think after just-opening a mascara. After letting it breath a week, or whatever magic it does, the experience is usually totally different. Also the brush is special, this might just need another try. 













Oh one last thing. On Sping-Summer 2015 catwalks one of the trendy looks for hair was called "air-dryed texture." Good news, right! Though on my hair it doesn't mean that it would look catwalk-ready if I just let it air-dry after shower. Noup. Put it on low ponytail very quickly after seeing these photos. 

I hope this post was useful to you!

I'll be right back with the looks from SS2015 catwalk!