Wedding and Event Makeup

Q & A by emma graef

There are hundreds and hundreds of makeup artists in your area, so how will you find The One for your wedding or another important event ? The one with whom you don't feel like to check yourself from the mirror after every brush stroke? Here are questions you should be prepared to ask your potential makeup artist with my answers below. 

Makeups by me for Jennifer's wedding on October 2016 in New York City

Makeups by me for Jennifer's wedding on October 2016 in New York City

I can do my own makeup, why would I hire you?

The makeup artist is there to make the event even more memorable, glamorous and relaxed. You can be quite nervous on your wedding day and you don't want to have a meltdown while trying to master the eyeliner or hide dark circles after restless sleep. On my own wedding day, one of the most memorable moments was getting ready, talking with my sisters and other family members. My makeup for you will last through the emotional, long day in whatever climate condition. Since I have worked in countless photoshoots, I know how to create a look that looks as perfect in the photos as in nature. 

Also imagine all the inspirations, ideas, new tricks, knowledge and product recommendations you will learn while spending time with the professional! 

I am talented and I love my job. I love meeting brides-to-be and planning the look for them according to their style and wishes. One of the best ways to me to spend a weekend is at work! 

Are you a professional makeup artist?  

Yes. I graduated 2010 from International Makeup Center in Helsinki, Finland, that followed an internship with fashion and wedding makeup artist Jenny Jansson and in "Make Up Store", where I got important experience of giving makeup lessons and creating event makeups for women of every culture and age. After moving to Switzerland I had the honor to participate in a team of Christophe Durand, who also provided education while working in his salon Le Bal des Créateurs. While still occasionally modeling, I get to meet incredible talents in the industry who provides me inspiration and product comparisons. On my free-time I follow the latest trends and new products coming to the market to keep my kit as good and up-to-date as possible. 

Is this your first time doing wedding makeup? 

Though we all have to start somewhere, I have created the looks for many weddings in my career. I worked in Hair Salon Tangle (Salo, Finland) for wedding clients during summers 2011 and 2014. In New York clients have found me through Thumbtack and verbal recommendations. I also work for weddings through a beauty team Face Time Beauty

What is your signature look that you love to create? 

The most important part of the makeup for me is the skin. I will create skin that is glowing and flawless with a skin texture that still remains natural and breathable. This I do using latest techniques in brush knowledge and by defining the client's skin undertone to find the most flattering colors. Light contouring and highlighting is a must to bring out your most beautiful features. To answer the question, my signature look is fresh, natural, clean and polished, with your most striking feature -- that is, maybe brows, lips, eyelashes, catching the eyes. 

But I want a dramatic look. Do you recommend it?

How is your every day makeup like? Or do you normally take it up a notch to your look for the parties? Or maybe you are just curious how different you would look with a more dramatic look? Winged eyeliner, bright lips and soft, seductive smokey-eyes are always a great choice to request from a professional and I love doing those looks as well! Sometimes a natural, romantic look is just not the best option, so we need some black kajal pencil and bold lips! Regardless, I love makeup and to get creative with it. My dream request from a client would be to create a makeup that flatters her and that is inspired from some of the latest runway show. 

What brands do you use?

I like MAC Cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Nars, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Clinique, Makeup Store... I choose the products by their pigment, quality, ingredients, durability and how they work in photographs. The products I will use on your skin will be decided by your skin type.

Do you travel to me on my wedding day and for trial?  

Yes I travel to you. I am based In Beacon, New York. Depending on your event location and the number of makeups performed, a travel fee may be added. 

When should a bride book her pre-wedding trial? Is the trial recommended?

Book your makeup artist 6-9 months before your wedding day, the sooner, the safer! I recommend the trial to be 3-6 weeks before the wedding. By then you probably have an idea if you wear silver or gold jewelry, what your hair style going to be like and most importantly, what your dress looks like. Furthermore, on the trial you will have the same level of tanning as on your wedding day and the colors and shades chosen will be perfect.

The trial ensures that the vision between you and your makeup artist align. The "natural" look so many brides want can be understood in many ways! The trial decreases the stress by giving you confidence in your makeup artist on the wedding day (and also saves time, when the artist already knows exactly the products to use!). 

How big of a wedding party can you accommodate and how long does it take the makeup to be completed?

If the wedding party is more than five ladies, I would ask one of my professional makeup artist partners to join me. I book one hour for the bride and 30-45 minutes for others in need of makeup. 

Are you comfortable working with all ethnicities?

Absolutely! I have had the joy to work with all ethnicities. 

Do you offer airbrush or traditional foundation or both? 

At the moment I only offer traditional application. Personally I love working with brushes and choose the right products for my client's skin type. With the latest brush techniques and products the result can be 'poreless', even, and and as covering as needed. I have gotten my sense of style and education in Europe, where airbrush is not requested. Airbrush is not also the best choice for every skin type. Often people think it is the best choice for a bad skin, but airbrush can not even out your skin to perfection (only airbrushing in photoshop can!) Airbrush works best on already very even and "normal" skin type, since it is very thin. It is used a lot on tv-sets and for some actors on red carpet. 

Where can I see your prices and portfolio?

On my website 

What does the makeup include? Do you add fake eyelashes?

Every makeup is a full-face makeup, every part necessary or wished to create the wanted look. It includes adding individual or full-line fake eyelashes (if wanted). I like to use House of Lashes or Velour Lashes, since they look very natural and the hair is high-quality and fluffy. 


If there are any other question or booking request in your mind, do no hesitate to add it on the comment box or send me an email: