Get Inspired with these Youtube Ladies / by emma graef

Hello my dear reader, 

I am pretty new when it comes to the world of Youtube. Sure I have watched some pilates clips, funny dog or music video every now and then, but only during last two years it has become a weekly site to visit or let's be honest: daily! 

I wanted to share my two absolutely favorite makeup channels with you.

Jaclyn Hill 

During this past year Jaclyn Hill's career has exploded. She has millions of subscribes and fans, has her own makeup product (Champagne Pop with Becca) and I have heard rumors about her own up-and-coming makeup line! When I am watching her channel, it's not just about getting inspired or hearing if some lipstick is worth buying. It makes me very excited every time I see a new video waiting for me, Jaclyn is so lovable, bubbly and energetic. Jaclyn's look are very bold to me, but instead of wanting to copy some of her looks, she offers new ideas and inspiration. And whenever I need to run to Sephora to get a new makeup product, I can always blame Jaclyn to my husband! You have been warned, your wallet will get lighter after seeing a couple of Jaclyn's videos!


Lisa Eldridge 

Lisa is a very known professional in the fashion world. I almost want to get a magnifying glass while watching her videos, I want to know every detail of how she applies those products. Today I saw a video with Rosie Huntigton-Whiteley and one of the comments said it very well of how Lisa is truly like an artist and how "she doesn't apply makeup, she literally just feathers it on." I love the makeup looks she creates. They are about a natural glow and emphasizing your best features instead of hiding with a heavy hand your "flaws." She makes applying makeup look very simple, easy and fast, even with more dramatic looks. And that British charm truly works.