The Famous Wink / by emma graef

My joy for gothic fall 2012 just continues and continues! This i-D cover with Twigs is a picture I would use to describe my favorite look for the season. So velvety, so cool, so rock. Everytime I see it, I just want run to piercing studio and get a nose piercing and join a pirate ship.

This cover signifies " the new romance" to me. Time to dig those plum and wine-red lipsticks under the light pink lipsticks that you used a lot during the summer. I love Make Up Store's shade Smock and MAC's shades Film Noir and MAC's Pro Longwear's Faithfully Yours (favorite!) during the fall.

You also fell in love with these pirate lips, didn't you! Keep your lips always-moistured with vaseline to make the lips colored this strong to last and still feel good. Tap some foundation on your lips and powder lightly. Draw the lines carefully, beginning in the middle of the lips, with a plum/dark violet lip pencil, like Tigi's shade Kiss or Make Up Store's Golden Plum. Fill the lips totally with the lip pencil to make the lipstick last longer and to avoid the look, when you have only the lip's liners left after a dinner.. Finally spread two layers of lipstick with a lip brush. Between the layers, kiss/bite a piece of paper.To make the lips look more full, make the coloring more dark on the edges and lighter in the middle.

Even the black eyeliner looks here like an usable and interesting idea for a very long time. To create a line that looks more like a piece of velvet next to your eyelashes, use black eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner to get the makeup last and to soften it up.

For creating super strong eyebrows, that sculpures the face, start with brushing the eyebrows down-wards. This way you can easily see the line of your eyebrows. Start by filling with a powdery dark brown product the "wing part" of the brows. Make the middle part of the eyebrows even-thick. Now brush the brows back upwards and add more lightly some color in the beginning of the eyebrows, still filling the gaps, but to avoid very strict look, make sure the line doesn't go downwards in the beginning of the eyebrows. Leave also the tail of the eyebrows short to avoid sad-looking gaze. Finish with a eyebrow gel to keep the brows upwards.

These strong eyebrows sculpture the face well, so no need to use any sculpturing on the face with a help of a matt bronzer, also the lack helps to keep the look more young-looking. Just MAC's creamy blush shade Lilicent is enough to get a little color on your cheeks. This shade is very natural and easy to spread just with a help of fingers, following the line of your cheek bones.

According to my bible Pat McGrath used on fall 2012 show's MAC's creamy eyeshadow Coverwork to create the same kind of delicious, super easy and natural looking eye makeup. That product definetely goes to my list.

Photo: i-D "Just Kids" Issue