Recovering From Teenage Years makeup Traumas / by emma graef

When I think about my teenage years "style", I feel so proud of myself. Not because I looked so classy back then, but how much my style has developed since!

I had a style face with black kajal and studs. Then I saw Shakira and I wanted my hair be as blond, surfy and curly as hers. I combined this with LOTS of black mascara, light pink or golden eyeshadow and white waterline kajal. I rounded my eyes with black pen, like a panda. It included desperate efforts of learning flirty cat-eyeliner. I also had an issue that my nose is too big, so I tried to make it look smaller by contouring around it. Unfortunately I hadn't heard about blending. I also believed that the more darker or bright color I paint my lips, the more smaller my nose looks. As a teenager I prefered glossy result to matte. The amount of ligloss I had on my lips… Combine all this together. Yikes!

Anyway, inspired by spring RTW14 catwalk looks, today I felt ready. Ready to give light pink eyeshadow, snow-white kajal and lipgloss combination another try.


What is different on 2014 to 2002? I didn't actually have light pink eyeshadow in my kit. I used my light pink blush instead. I made sure to blend it well, towards my eyebrows and the sides. I rimmed my eyes with white kajal pen, not forgetting the lower waterlines. I curles my lashes and add brown mascara just on the top lashes, concentrating on the outer corners.

Model at Giles ss14RTW

Also compared to when I was 14-years old, now I don't have weird plucked lines as eyebrows.. I didn't manage to find my usual taupe-colored Make Up Store's pen for my eyebrow, so I used copper colored MAC kajal pen instead. I drew the lines and the shape with the pen and softened with a clean mascara brush. I filled the gaps with Anastasia's blond-colored eyebrow powder. My eyebrows tend to hang downwards, so almost always I finish with Kiko's colored eyebrow gel.

I colored my lips with Kiko's soft light pink lip pencil and tapped peach colored lip gloss in the middle

When I was 14-years old, I didn't mind if the makeup hid my freckles. With freckled skin there is basically two choices: to cover them completely or use as light foundation as possible. Otherwise the freckles come through the foundation as gray spots! Today I used Dior's Nude Glow foundation mixed with skin serum by Lumene. I blended it on my skin with beauty blender sponge by Sephora, which is AMAZING. Highly recommended.

I hid my red areas around the nose and dark circles around the eyes. I did contouring with MAC's Cream Color Base: I added a spot just below my cheek bone and blended towards my ears. As a blush, I used creamy coral colored one from Forever21.

Finally I added MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish with a MAC's Duo Fibre Face Brush. It has shimmer in it, so though I added it pretty care-freely around my face, I concentrated on my cheekbones and the centre of the forehead. The last light to my makeup was MAC's Beauty Powder, color Play it Proper that besides the cheek bones I brushed below and above the highest point of my eyebrows. And no makeup is finished without a squirt or two of MAC's Fix+.


The key-products of the makeup, from top row left: MAC's beauty powder, Makeup Store blush "Sugar Muffin", Pieces pink hair chalk, MAC's Fix+, Kiko's Extra Volume lipgloss, Forever 21 Créme Blush, MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish shade "Soft and Gentle", Kiko's lip pencil shade 604 and kajal with black and white sides from Bonjour.

My treasure-box!

One trauma defeated! I wonder if I also could beat my fear against light blue eyeshadow..?