Moonrise Kingdom / by emma graef

What kind of movies do you like? Obviously I like comedies, specially with the scenes where the characters are in very awkward situations and it just makes you crawl on your couch, hide behind the pillow and feel the sympathy-embarrassement. Or where the characters are very lovable, I think anything Zooey Deschanel plays, turns to be lovable. I just watched again one of my favorite movies Almost Famous, but I didn't remember that she also plays in there! But most of all, I like beautiful movies. Movies, that are filled with scenes that makes you want to press pause to stare the second-long moment for longer to see absolutely everything. Maybe it's the story that makes the movie beautiful, maybe the characters, but it has a lot to do with the clothes, makeup, the scenery and period. Marie Anttoinette, Amelie, The Artist, Almost Famous, Gone WIth the Wind, Cabaret.. So in other words, movies that inspires me. And the newest one to my list is Moonrise Kingdom.

In this movie, there are actually many scenes that the camera just zooms into these incredible talented and cute actors faces and they do stare you back.

(Kara Hayward as Suzy Bishop) During spesific scenes, immediately you start memorize about your own childhoold memories on the beach and in the forests. Maybe it has a lot to do with the beautiful color world of the movie.

Suzy (Kara Hayward, 14-years old..) strolls through the forests with her love, wearing those cute dresses (now Ineeda collar dress!) and carries all her favorite books and her binoculars with her. And I loved the character she is playing. These things combined makes totally the 60's "Cleopatra" makeupon herreally cool and right for her character.

So this text is not about how to do The Kara Bishop -makeup, it's a wonder how lovely it is to make strong characters with a help of makeup.

That is the one biggest reasons I love doing both: fashion and theatre makeup. On each the makeup artist createsa character.More strongly maybe in theatre and movies, but on catwalk we do see a character of a woman that the designer wants the women everywhere to identify with. In fashion, makeup artist needs to inspire more, in movies to support the character and the story. Imagine Suzy with a very natural makeup. That would have made her character very different, than now the Suzy with the strong blueish green makeup and peachy lipstick. The makeup makes her more adult, more woman, more woman ready to get married.

How about The Hunger Games? How much the makeup tells about the characters (are they from rich or poor distrcit) and about the period of the time? Of course in Hunger Games also the scenery tells pretty strongly that the year is not 2012. I do love the vision of the fashion, it is so full of imagination. The makeup artists must have had such a good time planning those characters. But of course because of Hunger Games I am waiting in horror that I would suddenly have a gift to live forever and I would see reality-tv going over the edge, but more terrifying would be end up looking like a delicious cupcake..