Marc Jacob's 60's Obsession / by emma graef

Marc did it again! Louis Vuitton spring 2013 RTW supported very strongly Jacobs' line on Marc Jacobs -show earlier in New York. It only makes me happy, there is always nice to have some 60's mood in the air. And this time, you got everytime the double amount of the look. That is a way to use your time efficiently, the show lasted only six minutes.

The new Edie Sedgwick, Ruby Jean Wilson opening again the Jacobs' designed show with Nastya Kusakina

The double-models supported well the retro atmosphere of the show. Imagine a mall in the 60's, fashion-obsessed girls leaning to the walls, gazing at the boys behind their thick eyelashes. The girls in their little groups looked all the same, like sisters or twins.u00a0Or is this only how I would imagine the retro-looking world?

I absolutely love the hip bones peeking once in a while between the energetic colors and geometric prints.

I can only also imagine the casting situation for the models. If they didn't find anyone who would look good pairing with you or who looked enough like you, had the same length, you are not walking. And always before they have heard how important is to be remembered by something unique.. Always something new and surprising in a world of fashion.

The makeup by Pat McCrath was a tone more natural than in Marc Jacobs show in New York, but still faithful and supporting to the 60's look. I am always the fan of peachy coral eyeshadow's because of the popping out effect it gives to blue eyes, which was the element on this makeup. The eyebrows were there, but not as a point of the makeup, but to support the lack of the upper eyeliner. The eyeliner on the bottom eyelid was a fine line following the roots of the eyelashes.

I love Julia Nobis' look more day by day