Enchanted by Haute Couture / by emma graef

Haute Couture Spring 2013. Handmade, hand-painted, pieces that can take 500 hours to make. It's art and magic, but believe it or nor, the houses also get plenty of buyers. Lucky bastards..

Fairytales have been interested public for a while now. We've had movies about Grimm's brothers, Tolkien sagas, of course Potters, Hans and Gretel, but also tv-serie Once Upon a Time, where well-known Grimm's characters all live together and combine together their magical stories. Good always wins, true love is an answer to everything and always have faith. I simply adore Ginnifer Goodwin's Snow White. She truly pushes the big heart, strenght and optimism of Snow White through the TV-screen. I'm hooked. I certainly will (try to) add some Snow Whiteness in my attitude toward everything.

Lagerfeld truly brought some magic to the night with his Chanel Spring Couture 2013 collection. Magic and mystic are officially in for spring 2013. And I'm not talking about any Disney -fairytale stories here..

The Grand Palais were turned into mystical forest. Romantic, beautiful models with melancholic gazes and quarky postures. For these fashion queens from a fairytale I'd like to pump into in a dark forest. Though they would be the ones in need for a run for their life, give me that Chanel jacket! Maybe I would loose that match, the shoulder decorations tells me something about a strong woman, who wouldn't be afraid to take a part of a battle..

"There's nothing more elegant than a certain kind of melancholia," said Karl Lagerfeld himself and I see what he means. Just think about Greta Garbo and other stars from the 30's and 40's.

Antonia Wesseloh

How many designers were inspired by gardens for this season? Flowers, flowers, flowers. Well, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised, we talking about spring collections here..

Gorgeus dress with interesting "shoulder frame"

Much-talked "Two Brides" I'm happy about seeing feathers and leather in the collections, they are not going anywhere!

Gorgoeus makeup from Peter Philips that made a characteric set combined with the hair-pieces. While observing the makeup, I get reminded by The Black Swan and I can see in my mind these Chanel creatures running away in a dark forest, while feathers starts to grow through their skin and they turn from aristocratic ladies to birds with black feathers.

These head pieces also looked quite familiar from Anna Karenina -movie.. But more about that later!

Shimmering,creamy eyeshadow instead of matte one brings the look a step closer to fashion from a theatre makeup. And the color of the mouth is absolutely sweet and delicious.

Dior's Spring 2013 Couture got it's inspiration from Simmons and Christian Diors common passion, from garden. Dior showed us the good sides of fairytales with it's collection of some light-blue dresses, flowersflowersflowers, innocent hair and attention-stealer diamond lips.

The first models walking in a garden with sky-blue dresses got me into Disney's world with Mary Poppins and Cinderella

McGrath's Red Swarovski-crystal -lips with long eye catliner and defined eyebrows (especially warm toned ones) were perfect for a catwalk..

But as a fan of short hairs, I was more thrilled about Palau's short pixie wigs, styled ultra shiny.

Photos: style.com