Bad Girls / by emma graef

When I do mine or my client's makeup, I give a lot of attention to create perfect, luminous, contoured, glowing skin. Next important part is the eyebrows: will the result look more interesting with shaped, but natural eyebrows, with bleached ones or maybe with ones borrowed from Cara Delevingne?

Then comes the eyes and lips, the ones with what you can really play and express your personality. Sounds more interesting and fun, but putting strong eye -or lip makeup next to un-even skin, that is just decreasing the effect of the catch of the makeup. You can only built strong on strong base!

I had long period, when I loved nude, natural makeup on myself, just after I had graduaded from my makeup school. This is understandable when during my school time I could go out wearing dark blue smokey eyes with red eyebrows..

But now I'm also all thrilled again for colors and textures that screams for attitude and what you can actully see on your face. Every time I draw black waterliners, I'm instantly much cooler. Yeah.. Keep repeating that.

Spring 2014 RTW showed us signs of boredom to the natural looking models. This year is after all about showing you personality. All these houses wanted the models to look like they've been partying, having the best night ever and woke up the next morning on a beach, still looking gorgeous.

Erdem by James Kaliardos

Versace by Pat McGrath. The makeup artist reminded on how this is a natural look from Versace. They are only using half a line of fake eyelashes and light-colored lips!

Jonathan Saunders by Lucia Pieroni

Topshop Unique Hannah Murray

Attend a party or go and have a coffee while rocking out these makeup looks and people will know you didn't come there to knit your heart out..