Back to the Factory / by emma graef

Since I saw Sienna Miller starring movie The Factory, I've been enchanted by Edie Sedgwick and her short life and hair. This "Twiggy Gone Bad's" hair style gives me at least once a year obsessive thoughts of cutting my hair short and blond, find my own Factory and do movies where I would eat spaghetti for one hour and half. And look really cool while doing it.

So I let a tiny squeek out of my mouth when I saw Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear. The show was opened by Ruby Jean Wilson and instantly I want to wear that long t-shirt with teeny tiny shorts. And again, cut my hair. So effortless and simple, like Tim Blanks also thought on -report. I loved the stripes on clothes that gives you thoughts of ice-cream and circus.

But to the most important,the makeup.60 's has been on catwalks for many seasons, but this particularly freshen-up to the look I found interesting. When looking at Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 RTW makeup look, I found it cool and different because of the sad eyes and "Housewife from 50's gone bad" vibes. The same sad eyes-making eyeshadow has followed to the next decade, genius! So notice down-warding strong eyeshadows in the outside corner of the eye.

And the strong, even thickness eyebrows! If you are looking for a sad-eyed-doll -look with a help of Marc Jacobs eyeshadow using, do it like on this look and balance it well with the eyebrows that don't continue too low. The eyebrows are the thing my eyes always searches first on catwalk makeup. Are they bleeched or are they really strong and a bit retro? Me, I love both looks. It's like deciding which one is fairiest of them all, Lara Stone or Cara Delevingne. Jacobs thinks we won't forget our eyebrows on spring, but yeah we might this fall, right..