Alice & Olivia / by emma graef

My Pinterest starts to get too full on category "La Mode" with beautiful Fall RTW 2013 pictures. It's time to share my thoughts!

The first "I want that. And that. And that. And this one." -collection, Alicia+Olivia, is something I bumbed into first time just last season. It's absolutely perfect. It's cool, interesting with all the different textiles and coloring, and the spirit is creepy enough for me..

The whole set in this fall 2013 collection is inspiring and very cool. Lately I've been very familiar creating look book for collections as a model and as a makeup artist and I love the process and the planning to bring the spirit of the designer alive. In here the blue fireplace, roses and the chandelier creates a fairytale athmosphere for the clothes. The gold-red chair on the corner makes me think the models as a modern cool princesses from Scotland.

The key-point inthe makeupare the lips that matches perfectly with the roses. To create these gothic lips, after adding lightly some foundation on the lips as a base, I would use a sharpened black kajal pen as a lip liner, and smooth the color towards the center of the lips. Make sure the black color is more visible in the outer corner of the lips and very light on the cupid's arc. After this fill the lips with red lipstick, that turns a bit into borwn and reminds you of red roses. (e.g.g Survivor from Makeup Store)

To make the lips look even better, it needs an even, fair and matt skin. My new favorite with a perfect shade for fair skin is Dior's Nude Glow. Base your face with you face cream andtapthe foundation into it's place with foundation brush. Use fridgered spoons to even your eye-puffiness (such a cliche technique, but it works!) and hide the dark circles and red spots on the face carefully. My favorite for dark circles around the eyes is Makeup Store's Reflect Cover (also a great base for eye makeup) because it hydrates the skin as it evens the coloring.

For sculpting the face I love MAC's creamy Pure Sculpture. Swipe your middle finger in the pot and draw a line with the finger just beneath your cheek bones. Just like making an Indian mask! Smooth the color a teenytiny bit upwards, following your cheek bone and also down-wards. Fingers work very well with creamy products, but I also like Shiseido's round foundation brush. Now smile and on the highest point of your cheeks, on those little cute balls, tap a little bit some creamy light pink blush. (i.e., Une's Breezy Cheeks Blush shade B02) To make the effect even more impressive, use creamy highlight color, like MAC's Pro Sculpting Cream shade Accentuate. Tap the color on the cheek bone and smooth towards the ears.

Et voila, you have cheekbones to cut the glass with!

So instead of my Pinterest account let me fill this blog with all the gorgeous outfits!

So simple, elegant and fun at the same time. I looove the zebra bag. Zebras are the new skulls?


Green fake-fur jacket will be on my list for next fall



This picture made me fall in love with long boots with shorts skirts with a bit of leg showing! And shocking, skin not covered in black stockings.